Shortlisted for the Writing East Midlands Mentoring Scheme

March 3, 2014

I’ve had some great news this morning – I have been shortlisted for the Writing East Midlands Mentoring Scheme.
Writing East Midlands is a writer development agency which works to promote and support writers in the region. Its mentoring scheme offers support and advice to three writers each year by pairing them with sympathetic, established, professionals.

What’s that you said? “But you are a professional writer!” Well, yes – and no. I am a professional writer of journalism and, once Casting Off  comes out in July, I suppose I’ll technically be a professional travel memoir writer (which is kind of like extended first person journalism). But what I strive to be is a professional novelist – and that is is, so much harder.

I’ve already embarked on an eight-week novel writing workshop with Writing School East Midlands, led by the author Niki Valentine, which I am loving. But there’s still a long way to go and I am hoping that getting a mentor, if I was successful, would really help me launch my career as a novelist. Their support and advice would be invaluable.
The next stage is a workshop and then interviews, so keep your fingers crossed for me.